The rechartering process of the Eta Psi chapter with petition and package in the Spring Semester of 2016. The University of Virginia (UVA), Iota Kappa Chapter, was later established as our Big Sister Chapter in Fall of 2016. On April 25, 1988, the Eta Psi Chapter was founded on the campus of Virginia Union University (VUU). Since our founding , the Eta Psi chapter has made significant contributions to the Virginia Union University bands providing outstanding service and hosting phenomenal programs. Unfortunately, due to the inactivity of the band program at VUU, the Eta Psi Chapter became inactive. The revamp of the VUU Marching Band lead to the revival of the Eta Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc.  which was rechartered on the campus of Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA on April 29, 2017. Our chapter continues to strive for excellence as we uphold the purposes of Tau Beta Sigma. The Eta Psi chapter has seven charter members who are all a part of the Virginia Union University’s Ambassadors of Sound Marching Band (AOS).

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The purpose of the Eta Psi chapter is:

  • To serve the band
  • Assist the band director in every endeavor
  • Undergo experiences needed to progress as a whole
  • Become better individual–inside and out
  • Encourage our fellow bandsmen
  • To continue our legacy
  • Achieve musical excellence
  • Succeed as great role models
  • Inspire the growth of the program
  • Greatly increase enthusiasm and sense of meaning
  • Move with grace and poise; and
  • Accept the responsibilities that have been set forth.